Rights of Workers: Breach of Contract

Since it takes two parties to make a contract, both parties must agree changes to it. Otherwise there is a breach of contract, which, if sufficiently serious, entitles you to say the contract is at an end and to walk out (a constructive dismissal).

Alternatively, as explained above, you can refuse to accept that the serious action or omission by your employers has brought the contract to an end and you can continue to work, while reserving your rights to make a claim in the courts for breach of the original contract. If the variation has an immediate practical effect, you are expected to object straight away; if it does not, you can wait until you feel the effects of the variation before complaining. A breach occurs when either party fails to carry out the agreed terms, or terms which have been implied by the courts or by custom and practice, or when you are dismissed with no or insufficient notice, unless you have committed gross misconduct.

A sufficiently serious breach of contract will also entitle you to bring a claim of unfair dismissal.
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